I am STOKED that Survivor is back on and in full swing! I’m a church planter with a new baby so we decided to buy diapers instead of cable. So…not many shows or channels to choose from. But CBS comes in clear and I am a huge Survivor fan. Can’t claim the whole “I’ve watched it since it started” thing but I can say that “since I started watching it I haven’t stopped.” Me and Stephanie make sure that Jake is in bed by 8 and then it’s Survivor Time! Sweet…just one of life’s simple pleasures.

3 thoughts on “Survivor!

  1. Congrats Jim, on your first piece of comment spam. If I were to revise the Bible, I would put spammers in Revelation 21:8 along with all the other sinners.

  2. Dude, I DeAnna and have our “date” night around survivor. It is our show. We did the diaper thing instead of cable. We get CBS, Fox, NBC, and TBS. So I watch Survivor and Prison Break. 🙂

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