Shutting Down for a While

Yes, it’s true…I can sense the pained expressions on your faces as you read the title above. It is time to shut down for a while. There are multiple reasons:

1. It’s not like I’m a prolific blogger anyway! One post a month can hardly be considered a blog.
2. Not that I spend any significant amount of time blogging, but I’ve been challenged lately to begin a prayer journal. I want to focus my expressive writing energies (if I have any at all) in that direction.
3. I’m too depressed to blog…the Georgia Bulldogs are having a tough season!
4. You know I’m doing the blogosphere a favor by closing shop for a while. No…I don’t know how long…it could be for a year or it could be forever. We’ll see as time goes on.

One final thought: “your security as a leader in God’s church is in direct proportion to the level of discipleship in your personal life.”