Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday of the year. I think there are many reasons for this:

1. It doesn’t seem to be commercialized like many of the other holidays.
2. It’s just a few days before my anniversary EVERY YEAR!
3. It’s just a few days before my birthday EVERY YEAR!
4. It’s a great time to hang out with family you haven’t seen in a while.
5. Fall is probably my favorite time of the year…cool weather, changing leaves, etc.
6. Turkey and dressing, cranberry sauce, sweet potato soufflĂ©, caramel cake…enough said!

This was our first Thanksgiving in Tennessee and we decided to stay here instead of traveling for a very short trip (we’ll be heading home for 10 days over Christmas and any trip with our boys is treacherous to say the least). Even though we were far away from extended family, we had a great Thanksgiving Day!

Stephanie did a great job on the meal: ham, green beans and mac and cheese. A very nice lady from the church brought us desert: carrot cake, apple pie and cookies. And we took a little time to visit with a couple of military families in our church who have “Georgia ties” (both families are from Georgia). We had a great day and a great Thanksgiving. I guess we’ve started a new Perdue family tradition in Tennesse. What fun!

One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Great post!Happy Birthday, Pastor Jim!! I hope you had a blessed day and that God would bless you and your family in this next year!

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