The Bigger Team

Part of being a big UGA fan is to hate our rival teams. Hence, my natural hatred for the Florida Gators. But, (and this is a big “but”) I am a huge Tim Tebow fan and am very excited that he won the Heisman Trophy tonight.

Tebow is an extraordinary athlete with incredible skills and abilities. He broke an NCAA record this season by rushing for over 20 touchdowns and passing for over 20 touchdowns. While his talent is obvious, the thing I like most about him is that this guy loves Jesus Christ. He was born in the Philippines while his parents were missionaries there. He listed his top four priorities in life and his relationship with God was number one. And tonight, he continually thanked Jesus Christ for the ability to play the game of football.

What an awesome guy and what a great way to glorify Christ. He took advantage of his God-given talent and his God-given opportunity tonight and pointed people to Jesus Christ. Awesome!

One thought on “The Bigger Team

  1. Hey Jim!(this is Kate Jarrard)….I just have to comment on you being a Tebow fan. Sydney was watching the florida game w/ Travis and heard them talking about Tebow and thought they said T-bone and got so excited and yelled to everyone at the little party…”I know T-bone! he’s Clifford’s friend!!” (off Clifford the Big Red Dog…)…yes, kids are so cute and say the cutes things. Congrats on having a little girl. you will LOVE it! Maybe not the drama, but even that wil make you laugh!!!We miss y’all!Kate (and Travis)

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