Three years old…

Wow! It’s hard to believe it, but yesterday, Jake turned three years old. My how time flies! I was amused by some of his questions; included here for your entertainment and amusement:

First, “Daddy, now that I’m three do you still tell me what to do?” He was really interested to find out if we never going to discipline him again!

Second, “Am I big like you and mommy now?” We’ve been telling him that he’s such a big boy so now I guess he thinks he’s grown up!

Third, and probably the funniest, “When do I get to be 2 again?” He had to move from the crib into his “big boy” bed yesterday. We’ve been building this up for a while because he loved his crib! So, I think he was wondering if there was ever a time where he got to move back into the crib.

Funny kids! I love it.