Let it snow…

Well, there was no White Christmas in Brighton this year, but it looks like we could have a White Easter (not really but close). I guess it has snowed a few inches here this afternoon and evening. How about that…it’s March and it’s snowing. Here are a couple of pictures for your enjoyment.

Here’s a picture of me and the boys just outside the front porch. If you notice Jake’s face, the wind was blowing extremely hard and it felt more like a blizzard!

I thought this one would give you a good view of the front yard and a bit of the neighborhood. I know it’s just a few feet, but that walk across the front yard in a blinding blizzard seemed like a trek to the top of Mt. Everest (a little exaggeration here certainly intended).

2 thoughts on “Let it snow…

  1. Hey man! Haha…Judd is the one I’m holding in my right arm. But, I get the point. I’ll put some up of him real soon. Hope you guys are doing well in SC.

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