And the Madness Ensues!

That’s right! It’s time for March Madness. I’m not a HUGE College Basketball fan during the season, but I love March Madness. Stephanie and I both always fill out a bracket and compete with each other. This year, I invited the staff to enter the competition as well; whoever wins gets a free lunch from me!

My biggest mistake so far is that I picked Georgia to beat Xavier. But, after UGA’s performance in the SEC Tournament, who could bet against them? Truth be told, if I weren’t a die-hard Bulldog I might not have picked them but it’s hard to turn against your team.

Who are you picking to win it all? I love it…let the madness ensue.

7 thoughts on “And the Madness Ensues!

  1. UGA let me down – I had them beating and going to the Elite 8. They were on a hot streak – but then they got close until the last minute against X – last time I pull for the Dawgs! 🙂 JK

  2. Sorry about UGA losing. That was a bummer. I picked USC to win…yeeeeah I am if that’s going to happen. Oh well! Good luck with your team!

  3. Yes…very disappointed about UGA losing. But, I only brought them through to the second round. I’ve got UCLA and Kansas in the final game with Kansas winning it all. We’ll see…it sure is fun though!

  4. You would be so proud of your “little” brother, he is currently ranked #1 in the bracket pool with some of the other folks at the church. Really funny considering how little he cares about that type stuff!

  5. Yeah, all I have to say is that as of today..I am beating Brad! Horray! Aidan even filled out a bracket and to make you feel better, he had Georgia winning the whole thing against TN. What have we taught our 4 year old boy? (Considering we are huge MI fans) Brad and I both have UNC vs. UCLA in the finals and UNC winning.

  6. Jess,Tell Dan how absolutely proud I am of him! I always knew he was a smart kid. By the way, I’m sure I helped with that somehow.Angie,I think you’re training Aiden just right! Sounds like a Georgia Bulldog in the making. You should be proud!

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