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Okay, I’ll admit it…I thought about titling this post “The Baby is Here” and then writing April Fool’s in this secion. But, I think that would have been cruel and heartless. My family and friends might have read it and hated me. Or worse, Stephanie could have read it and been really confused. We don’t want her to read my blog and think there are any other babies I’m waiting on!!!

So, here’s what I’ll do instead: I’m taking predictions on when our baby girl will arrive. ( Just in case you’re wondering, we STILL do not have a name for her but we are thinking and praying hard!) The due date is April 16th but my prediction is April 12th, what’s yours?

10 thoughts on “Baby stuff…

  1. Yeah…I’ve been saying the 9th forever but after today’s doctor appointment I’m not so sure. I had to move it back a little bit! I think we’ll start a pool at the office and have some fun with this.

  2. That is interesting that you say the 12th, because that is the day that is standing out to Brad and I for Carsyn to arrive. So I will say the 12th. Having these two little ones have the same birthday would be awesome!

  3. I am voting for the 13th. If I remember correctly our sweet little Jake came on a Sunday, so I will say his little sister is going to follow his lead!

  4. Let’s see…if you pick the day correctly, you have experienced the joy, pride and pleasure of being right. Sorry Kiana, I’m not sure I can offer much more here. 🙂

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