Quote of the Day

While the “Quote of the Day” will not be a daily entry, I thought I would post one of the funnier things that Jake said today. Let me see if I can set it up for you.

Jake doesn’t really like it when I go to work. It seems that when I’m gone he asks Stephanie about a hundred times, “Why did daddy have to go to work?” Finally, the answer that seemed to work for Stephanie was, “God told him to go to work.” I know that sounds simple enough. But my three year old’s brain NEVER stops!

Here it is…after I came home from work today, I was greeted at the door by both Jake and Judd (man I LOVE that!). I sat on the couch with Jake and He asked…

“Daddy, did God tell you to come home now?”

I was a bit confused, but after some explanation from my wife I said, “Yes, son, God told me to come home.”

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