What to Do When the Crisis Comes

I began a series this morning on the Old Testament book of Habakkuk.  This Minor Prophet book (because of its length, not its message) is absolutely incredible.  I think this could be one of the most meaningful series I’ve done at Crosspointe.  Why? Because trouble is the common denominator in the Christian experience.  Everyone will face times of difficulty and crisis at one point or another.  The question is not, “Will the crisis come?” But, “How do I respond when the crisis comes?”

God did a great work at Crosspointe today and this series has just begun.  I think we’d be amazed if we really knew how many people were facing a crisis at any given moment in our church.  The good news is, God is not unaware, unconcerned or uninterested; and He is capable to deal with the situation better than we ever could on our own!