The Entertainment Culture Within The Church

We face a great danger when we show up at church wanted to be entertained. I’m sure you’ve heard it before; from a spouse, a friend, a fellow church member, or maybe you’ve said it.  “I didn’t get anything out of it today” or “it wasn’t enough to keep my attention” or “it wasn’t really fun.”  What you are really saying is this: “God’s Word isn’t enough for me.” The only time you shouldn’t “get anything out of the sermon” is if the Word of God is not preached. And if it’s not preached then you’ve got a major problem with the preacher.  The Bible clearly places the responsibility of preaching the Word of God squarely upon the shoulders of the pastor.  Do we show up to church in order to be entertained, or do we hope to see lives changed? Entertainment has never saved one soul from hell. Only the Word of God empowered by the Spirit of God has that power.