The Influence of a Godly Mother

I’m pretty sure I’m a momma’s boy. But I think it’s okay to be a momma’s boy. As long as you’re not the wimpy, whiney, spineless, sissified type.

And, of course, like every other red-blooded, American pastor, we celebrated Mothers Day yesterday at our church. Special Sundays always present an interesting challenge for preachers. It has to be new and fresh but not so much that you end up off-topic.

I spoke briefly about how mothers will sacrifice for their children. Which is great, right? Well, it could be great, but it might not be. Here’s what I mean.

Many parents today are doing more harm spiritually for their children than they are good.  They will let them miss church because of jobs, sports, or academics. Or, their teenager doesn’t have to go to church because they don’t want to.

Do kids always want to go to school?  No, but you make them go.  Do they want to go to the doctor?  No, but you make them go.  Why?  Because it is the best for them.  But with church, parents now give their children a choice if they want to go or not.  The lesson we teach is that God is no longer a priority –  He is simply an option.

As a mother (or as a parent), you are going to sacrifice.  Sacrifice to save their lives spiritually. Commit to a higher purpose. I’m so thankful that my mom chose to influence me for the things that matter in eternity.