To Vote or Not to Vote – There Is No Question

Have you become disillusioned with politics? Have you been frustrated with the process? Have you grown angry with congress or those in authority? I get it – politics is a nasty game that often leads to lies and personal destruction. Did you watch any of this debates this political season? Have you seen any political ads?

The nature of these campaigns may lead you to question whether or not you’ll participate in the political process. But remember, when it comes to exercising your right to vote, you should always participate. To vote or not to vote – there is no question.

I know it’s easy to become cynical about government.  You see one party in charge and it leads to corruption. Then the other party takes over and it ends in corruption.  Fight that cynicism. This is not a political issue or a national issue, but a spiritual issue.  This is an issue of stewardship; one person, one vote on this one day (or on other days before the election thanks to early voting).

Go vote!  Don’t stay at home, don’t forget, don’t shirk your responsibility, don’t get mad and sit out.  People fought and died for your right to push a button, choose the congress and president.  Go vote! It’s not just your right; it’s your responsibility.