My Favorite Week of the Year

We are in the midst of my favorite week of the year. That’s right. I have a favorite week every year. Doesn’t everyone? Seriously. Think about it for just a moment. Do you have a favorite week of the year too?

Why is this my favorite week of the year? I’m glad you asked. There are several reasons. I’ll tell you the reasons. And I’ll add some lessons just for good measure.

1. Thanksgiving – I can’t tell you the exact date my favorite week begins each year. That’s because Thanksgiving always falls on a different date. But I know it always starts the fourth Thursday in November. Hands down, this is my favorite holiday of the year. Why? A buddy of mine summed it up on twitter the other day:

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Quintessentially American & hard to secularize. There is a God, He is good, and we should thank Him.

This is a day that reminds me that I have so much for which I should be grateful. I get to see my family. I get to eat incredible food (sweet potato soufflé, cranberry sauce, caramel cake, and pound cake…AMEN!). I get to throw the football in the yard with the kids (nothing like playing tackle football in your nice Thanksgiving clothes). And, I get to relax and watch some football. It’s a great day!

Thanksgiving reminds me that I have so much to be grateful for!

2. My Anniversary – Every year on November 23rd, right around Thanksgiving, Stephanie and I celebrate our wedding anniversary. This year, we celebrated TEN YEARS of marriage – and it has been an incredible ten years! God has blessed us with an amazing relationship and a wonderful home. This is my favorite week of the year because every year I’m reminded of the second best decision I ever made – asking Stephanie to be my wife.

My anniversary reminds me that marriage is a sacred blessing!

3. My Birthday – The week concludes with an incredibly important day – November 29th. That’s right. Didn’t you know that my birthday was an incredibly important day? Not really. I’m not that self-centered. In fact, last year for my birthday I took the family to Chuck-E-Cheese. Fun times! But if you’re like me, your birthday is a time of reflection. Every year around my birthday I reflect on the goodness of God. I think about His calling on my life. And I think about how I’m progressing as a follower of Christ. My birthday helps me put my life into perspective. It helps me analyze and adjust. It helps me focus for my next 365 days on this planet.

My birthday reminds me that life is a gift that must be returned to the Lord!

So, there you have it. My favorite week. Not just a random collection of days. But three important days in my life. Each with its own significance. Each with its own reminder. Each with its own lesson.