Thinking Through Tragedy

This world is broken. Do you need any more proof? The entrance of sin has marred God’s creation almost beyond recognition. Terrorist bombings. Senseless violence. School shootings. Unimaginable pain and suffering. This world is a very dark place when wickedness abounds and sin prevails.

How do we make sense of these senseless acts? How do we comprehend the incomprehensible? We don’t. We can’t. Life simply doesn’t make sense apart from Jesus. Apart from Christ, there is no such thing as hope in the midst of wickedness, light in the midst of darkness, and purpose in the midst of pain.

Why do evil people do wicked things? The only possible explanation is sin. No one wants to talk about sin. We want to talk about personality disorders. Psychological syndromes. Emotional distress. Mental health. But we don’t want to talk about sin.

In the end there really is only one explanation. God’s perfect creation has been marred by sin. It has tainted every aspect of our society. It dwells around us. It dwells within us. This is not the world that God intended. Sin is an infringement upon God’s perfect plan.

But God dealt sin a crushing blow through the cross. The head of the serpent was crushed. And through His resurrection, Christ offers hope beyond this life. Jesus will be victorious over all His enemies – death, hell and the grave. And one day, God will right every wrong. He is good, He is faithful, He is just. But for now, as we journey through this sin-cursed world – in the midst of tragedy, trust Jesus.