Two Must-Have Tools for Every Leader

If you’re a leader, you know there are a lot of tools that you need. In fact, your toolbox will most likely be as big as a tanker truck. But today, I want to mention two tools that every leader needs. These aren’t the only two tools you need. But you definitely need these two tools. As a leader, these tools must be at your disposal at any moment.


So what are these must-have tools that every leader needs? Here you go…

1. You need a telescope. You know what a telescope does, right? Of course you do. A telescope helps you see things that are very far away. It has an amazing power to magnify and clarify things that are a great distance out.

You probably know this already. But as a leader, you need a telescope. You need to be able to see farther than anyone else in your organization. And you need to be able to see with clarity. That’s not easy. In fact, one of the most difficult challenges of being a leader is seeing things before others see them or seeing things that others just can’t see.

This means that you must be able to see what’s coming. As a leader or pastor, you need to be thinking in terms of decades, not just days. You need to be thinking about big strategic moves that should happen for your organization many years down the road. And you need to see these things with clarity. And, the only way I’ve ever gained that clarity is through prayer.

2. You need a microscope. Don’t you remember when you were in 8th grade and you used the microscope in Science Class? Of course you do. How could you forget that? Microscopes make very small things look bigger. In fact, a microscope can show you things that you couldn’t even see by just looking with the naked eye.

You see where I’m going, don’t you? As a leader, you need a microscope. You need to be able to drill down to the details that matter. You need to be able to bring things to light that other people might not see. You need a microscope to give you a special vision so you can see things others can’t.

You see, sometimes you need to be thinking about decades. And sometimes you need to be thinking about nano-seconds. Sometimes your dreams should be huge. Other times they should be microscopic. As a leader, you are called to dream big and to think small. And, you are called to think big and dream small. How can you do both? Well, that’s why you have more than one tool in your toolbox. These are two tools every leader must have. And the only way to know when to use one or the other is through prayer, experience, and wisdom.