Go Braves!

That’s right…I’m a fan. 14 Division Titles in a row? You can’t beat that. Not to mention all those rookies that are lightin’ it up! Cox definitely deserves manager of the year and Smoltz deserves something…Stud of the Year or something like that. I’m not sure if Andruw will be MVP. I bet they give it to Pujols because he’s been in Bonds’ shadow for the past couple of years. We’ll see, I could be wrong. All we need to do now is add a couple of more World Series titles and the world will seem a little more right.

2 thoughts on “Go Braves!

  1. Derek Lee? Wow…that came out of left field (or maybe first base). I bet it’s either Pujols or Jones…probably Pujols. Like I said, I’m no expert so I could be wrong and if I am I’ll write a heartfelt apology on your blog! We’ll see… 🙂

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