Give me a break!

How crazy is it that Flight Attendants are boycotting the movie Flight Plan because it portrays them as rude and unconcerned. They say that the movie could “breed distrust of their members among real airline passengers.” Have we really become that sensitive? You’ve gotta be kidding me!

Calling all Cops: I think you guys should boycott every movie that has a crooked police officer in it. Calling all politicians: I think all of you should boycott any movie with a dishonest elected official (how many would you be able to see then?). Calling all pastors: boycott every movie that portrays pastors, church, Christianity and Jesus in a negative light. Looks like we might be boycotting Hollywood altogether then.

I’m sorry…I know, I’m not very sensitive or politically correct, but it ticks me off to see what we’ve become in this country. We’ve gotta be so PC about everything that you can no longer have a “bad guy” to oppose the “good guy” in a movie. Give me a break!

One thought on “Give me a break!

  1. the problem is, there aren’t many good politicians… so they’re usually portrayed correctly. :)yeh, let them boycott… it won’t do anything more than helping the movie get more free press.our (SBC) boycott of Disney sure put them out of business.

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