I’ve been way busy…

Well, last weekend we had a Mission Team from Thomasville in town. It was incredible. They brought 60 people to North Cross to help us reach our community. We did all kinds of service projects in the community: door-to-door giveaways, business appreciation packs, free car wash…stuff like that. It was awesome! Those folks from Thomasville are GREAT people. They worked hard and we were able to touch between 3500-4000 people in a day and a half.

Now, I’m in Spartanburg, South Carolina. I’ve been here since Wednesday afternoon at a Global Missions Conference. It’s been pretty cool too. It’s made for a busy couple of weeks but the folks here are very encouraging and they are on fire for missions at home and around the world. They’ve prayed for us, given to us and even talked about sending a team to help us out. Sweet!

Next week, I’ll be in North Carolina. I’ll be preaching at the church where I served as Youth Pastor while I was in seminary. I’m looking forward to it because I’ll get to see some really good friends and I really enjoy preaching.

So, that’s the crazy month of October for me. Doesn’t it sound fun? Honestly, I’m kind of looking forward to November. But then again, when does life slow down around the holidays?

2 thoughts on “I’ve been way busy…

  1. Hey darling,I cannot wait for this month to be over. It has been nice having you home this week. I love you and I love supporting you! I have the greatest husband and pastor in the whole world….YOU!

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