Way Cool!

I know that the Braves lost but I’m still a fan. I had one of the coolest opportunities the other night to go to a playoff game. It was the Thursday night game between Smoltz and Clemens…the only game in the series we won! It was awesome.

We parked in the players parking lot and walked through the clubhouse to get to our seats on the front row. As we were walking through the tunnel underneath the stadium to get to our seats Bobby Cox was walking toward us. He knew my dad so he stopped and said hello and then dad introduced us…kind of a surreal moment. We sat just behind the Braves’ on-deck circle. I was literally 5 feet away from all the players getting ready to bat. Dad took a foul ball off the arm and Smoltz asked him if he was ok when he made it on-deck. He’s fine…he’s tough.

I bet if you had seen me that Thursday you would have seen the “wide-eyed kid” in me. I think we all have a part of that still in us; or at least we should! It’s the part inside of us that still is in wonder of life. The part that still enjoys things and appreciates life’s simple pleasures. I’m a kid at heart and hope I always will be!

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