I’ve never really understood the huge deal most people make about their birthday. I mean, sure, it’s a special day; one day out of the year you can celebrate your birth. But do you realize you share your birthday with 6 million other people? I guess that makes it a special day for a lot of people. So, if it’s special for a lot of people how special is it really?

Don’t get me wrong. If your birthday is a huge deal for you that’s fine. My wife’s birthday celebration lasts the entire month of March. I think it’s cute!

But seriously, shouldn’t we celebrate our moms on our birthdays? After all, they’re the ones who did the hard work so that we could be here. I’m going to make sure Jake tells his mom “thanks” every year on his birthday. Well, as soon as he can talk!

Today, on my birthday, I say, Happy Birthday to my mom! Thanks a ton for enduring the pain of birth on November 29, 1977. And thanks for putting up with all the mess I handed you as a child. You’ve put up with me through a lot of birthdays and for that I’m grateful. There’s no doubt I’m blessed to have survived my first few birthdays, and here I am now…28 years old. Wonders never cease!

6 thoughts on “Birthdays

  1. I am with you on birthdays being a celebration fo MOMS! We love & appreciate you man! Have a super-blessed b’day in HIM!!!!!! Enjoy your last 2 years of being in your “20s!”Bro. Mike Dorough

  2. Jim, I can remember when you were born. It was one of the best days of my life. Your sweet little hands and feet, and of course, you were the first grandson, and so Ernie was so proud. And you didn’t have hair until you entered kindergarten! You were such a cute child. Then, your mom and dad had another son, and you became jaded and bitter. Always believing that you were the “chosen one” you did things purposefully to ridicule, embarrass, and otherwise torture your brother. On occasion you would make him eat deodorant. And, believing that Southern Gospel was the only true Christ-honoring music, you would deride his choice of Audio Adrenaline and Newsboys in front of your parents, who always seemed to agree with you. You were always the popular kid in school. But did you ever hook your younger brother up? Noooo, you were too busy getting all the play you could to ever consider that little brother might benefit from some honey lovin’. You were voted “Most Popular and Hot Guy in the Whole World Besides Movie Stars” while your brother, always trying to follow in your footsteps, had to settle for “Most Involved in the Clubs That No One Else Really Cares About or Even Wants to Be A Member Of (Get A Life You Moron)” in his Senior Yearbook. When you decided that you needed to go away to that pagan city of Athens for your education, your brother was forced to resign his post as chief bag-boy and broom-pusher at the local grocery store so that he could come clean maggots and rotten wheat out of the pit at your former employer’s place of business so that your mom and dad could afford to give you the very best education they know you deserved. Burdened financially under your desire to go that preachin’ school up in the mountains, your mother and father sent your brother to a Tech school in the big city of Atlanta. And of course, when it came time for you to start your family, you intentionally had the first “Perdue” grand-son to rob your brother of even that simple pleasure. Despite all this, your brother still loves you. So much so, that he’d spend his valuable time writing a funny comment on your blog (sheesh, I, I mean he, he has no life) just to wish you a happy birthday.

  3. Happy birthday, Jim. Despite what “the all seeing eye” said, I think it is fantastic that you didn’t introduce your deprived younger brother to any honey lovin’. We love Jake and the fact that he is the first Perdue grandson.

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