Cool Meeting

I just spent a couple of days in Alpharetta meeting with some “missional” pastors from all over the nation. Let me just say that I’m thankful there are guys out there who get it. These are some cool guys! I’m excited about being a Southern Baptist. I’m excited about reaching the culture, contextualizing the gospel and remaining faithful to Scripture at the same time.

Sure, I think there are some challenges ahead. I know there will be roadblocks, hurdles and potholes…but overall, this will be good for the convention and this will be good for the Kingdom. The time has come (it’s really been here for a long time!) to start thinking missionally about out culture. View Cumming, GA or Austin, TX or your city as you would a tribe in Africa or a city in Brazil. We’re not trying to “make” the gospel relevant. By its very nature the gospel is relevant to all people. But we are trying to show the relevance of the gospel to a culture that is increasingly rejecting our message.

I think some good things will come out of our meetings. Things that will revolutionize the way we reach our culture, the way we communicate the gospel and the way we partner with one another to fulfill the Great commission.

3 thoughts on “Cool Meeting

  1. Happy Birthday Jim. You have got to be the coolest pastor I know. Have a great day. I was there at the AU game as well and I didn’t get home till aobut 3. Talk about a long ride home and a long day on Sunday. Anyway, Enjoy your B-day and let us hear from you. Steve Morgan

  2. Happy birthday, Jim! I’ve been excited about what Pat has been telling me about your church. It sounds great!~ Megan Joiner

  3. JIM. What it is man. I hear you were birthed on this day many moons ago. Sooo. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope you have a great day man and that all is going well. Enjoy the day. Rest…For tomorrow is not your birthday. lol…Cya man…

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