My Dawgs

I have only now been able to blog about the game last Saturday night. How devastating! My Dawgs lost to Auburn 31-30…and I was there. Yeah, I was there. I usually (almost never) go out late on Saturday nights because I like to be rested and ready and Sundays. But, I made an exception this time. I mean, it was Georgia/Auburn…tickets were selling for $1000 dollars. Got in at 1:00 AM but was still able to function on Sunday AM.

So, I took the opportunity to go. Even though I bleed red and black I must say that it was a good football game. Good game, bad outcome. But, that’s life. You can’t continually second-guess play calls, two-point conversions or middle-field coverage on 4th and 10.

If we beat Kentucky we’ll still be in the SEC Championship in Atlanta and we’ll have an opportunity to play in the Sugar Bowl which will also be in the ATL. It looks like we’ll play LSU in the SEC championship (of course if we beat Kentucky). That will be a tough game. LSU is always hardcore.

So, hopefully we’ll recover from our loss last weekend and be prepared for Kentucky this weekend. Go Dawgs!