It’s easy to lose focus sometimes. I don’t mean lose focus on your job, your church or your goals. But I mean it’s easy to lose focus sometimes on the things that are most important in life. I spend a lot of my time thinking, planning, praying and worrying about my church. “Did I make the right decision here?” “Did I do the right thing?” “Did I preach the right sermon?” “Do I lead the right way?” The questions are endless.

But things happen in life sometimes that bring everything else into focus. I know that the Church is God’s agent to reach the world for Christ. There’s no doubting or questioning that. I also know that God says He will build His church! That’s a relief to me…I’m not the one doing the building here. So, I have to tell myself; “don’t worry,” “stay faithful,” “pursue God,” and “keep at it.” This is the goal. But do I always have this perspective?

Stephanie and I have just walked through the most tragic event of our lives. We found out just recently that we lost a baby. She was very early in her pregnancy but it was still a pretty traumatic event for her and me. No, I don’t know “why” and I haven’t asked. God is not obligated to give me answers. I know that sometimes God uses these things to teach us, to train us, to mold us and make us into what He wants us to be. Someone once said, “We are no more like Christ then when we suffer.” And I would not even pretend to act like I’ve suffered to the level of Christ…or even Paul for that matter! But I do know, that it’s things like this in life that help bring perspective. For now, I can see life a little more clearly. What’s important and what’s not…what’s significant and what’s not…what’s eternal and what’s not. I hope I can keep this perspective.

5 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Dude, I am heartbroken for you guys. God will see you through this but you already know that.Praying for you and if you need anything, you know where I am.

  2. Hello All,Thanks for the prayers and support. God has definitely been so faithful through this process. He is still good even when our circumstances don’t seem to be.Thanks again!

  3. Just came across this this morning…(3/12). Kelli and I will continue to pray for you and your ministry. We love you three, and thought of you on Jake’s birthday!

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