“One word best characterizes the essence of obedience: Change!” Don’t we just LOVE change? You see it in churches, in government, in homes, in families, in businesses and in people; change is hard. Why? Because it means becoming something different than we are. It means stretching, growing, learning, reaching. It means pain, discomfort, battles, scars and time. Change is one of the many tools that God uses to chip off the rough edges, sand down the splinters and cover up the potholes in our lives. Change is part of growing to become a disciple of Christ.

I look at my life over the past three years since God called us, equipped us and moved us to start a church. I look at the dramatic change that has occurred in these few years. But I look at the growth in my life, the depth of my walk and the breadth of my passion for God and I’m thankful. The past three years have been painful at times. They have stretched me and moved me well beyond my comfort zone. But God has been faithful every step of the way.

I can see very clearly now that I don’t want to be the person I was three years ago. But looking ahead I couldn’t see what God had in store. So, if you were to ask me now, “do you want to spend the next three years going through more change?” I’d probably say “no.” But if you were to ask me, “do you want to grow as much, and learn as much, and depend on God as much over the next three years?” I’d say, absolutely “yes.” We don’t like the process, we want the result. But sometimes, a lot of times, in fact most of the time, God is interested in the process. Who we become after the process (as a result of obedience and change) is icing on the cake.

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