A Day on the Campaign Trail

I took the entire day Tuesday and spent it with my dad and some of his staff on the campaign trail. Let me just say it was an “eye-opening” experience. I was in North Carolina during the last election and didn’t really get a taste of the political journey until election night. But this time, I decided I wanted to experience a small taste and I had the job of introducing dad at a Bible Conference in Blackshear, GA. Instead of just driving to Blackshear and back I decided to spend the whole day with the guys.

It was a great day but it was extremely busy. It’s funny for me to watch so many people waving signs for my dad, wanting to shake his hand and asking for his autograph. It’s cool but wierd. But, for me, I will say that this trip removed any political ambition at all that might be inside of me (none existed anyway but this cemented that feeling).

It was nuts! I’m not going to bore you with the travel details here but it was a crazy trip. Making stops and then hopping back on the RV, talking strategy with the staff and hopping off the bus again at another political rally. The cool thing is this…my dad thrives in this environment. He loves it! In other words, he loves his job, he loves what he does. And thankfully, I was given a new love for what I do and gratitude for what I don’t (and never will!).

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  1. I’m glad you are a pastor rather than a politician. The only thing that would be better is if I could figure out a way to talk you into coming to Southwestern and working with me… God bless. Thomas White

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