A New Perdue

It’s going to be a fun Christmas at the Perdue household! Stephanie is pregnant and due December 23rd. We are so excited. This is a huge blessing for us, especially after experiencing the loss of our last pregnancy, and we are so thankful. We’ll continue to thank God for this awesome opportunity and blessing and pray that the baby stays healthy and Stephanie stays sane (well, as sane as possible when you’re living with me!).

Unofficial poll: Give me your comment here, is it a boy or a girl?

5 thoughts on “A New Perdue

  1. I believe that it’s a BABY!!! Since only God knows for sure. Maybe your wonderful mother-in-law should have a private son-a-viewing. Speaking of wonderful mother-in-laws….I don’t see anything posted about yours…Is this a unspoken message?

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