My Boy

Being a parent is an absolutely awesome thing. I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I do. I know there’s a tendency among parents to think of their kid as more “special” or “advanced” or “well-behaved” than all the rest. Believe me, I have no delusions here. Jake has his fair share of defiant, self-willed moments. But, I’ve just got to tell you something that excites me about my boy.

It’s not just that he absolutely loves the tractor and four-wheeler at my mother-in-laws place…and it’s not just that he could care less about watching TV and would rather be outside throwing things…here’s what I love the most. Every book to him is a “Bible.” That started very early. It doesn’t matter if it’s Dr. Seuss, Elmo or [insert favorite kid’s book here] it’s a “Bible” to Jake. Even my laptop is a “Bible” sometimes. I love that!

Here’s something else I love (in the form of a short story). The other day I sat down to have some lunch with Stephanie and Jake. I was in a hurry and Jake already has his food. Without thinking I began to eat before I prayed for my meal. A couple of minutes later I looked up at Jake and there he was, waiting with his hands folded, ready for me to pray! Every time I sit down for lunch or dinner, that’s the first thing he does. He loves to fold his hands together, pray and then say “A-meeeen” at the end. He remembers better than I do!

One more thing ( I know, I’m starting to sound like one of “those” parents). Jake hates having his diaper changed. In fact, anything that means he has to sit still for any period of time means that he will be sorely displeased. But, we’ve found something that helps. There’s this little booklet that we got from church (yes, he calls it a “Bible”) that we give him when we’re changing him. This keeps him quiet because he wants to see the picture of Jesus, or “Je-Je” as he calls him. I love it.

I’m new at this “dad” thing and trying my best to learn as I go. But I pray that these small things will grow and develop into a passion inside of my son’s heart for the things of God. I don’t think you can start too early for that.

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  1. My nephew, J-J is the same way about the Bible…it was actually one of the first words he learned…It’s amazing what influence you can have over your children or in my case with my nephews and niece. Sounds like he may be a preacher one day!

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