Now This is Exciting

I was and still am worried about the mischaracterization of the “Younger Leader Movement.” I was honored to serve on the “Younger Leader Task Force” at NAMB recently (soon to be the “Missional Network”) and was encouraged by the men I served with and excited about our conclusions and recommendations. Since that time, I have been somewhat concerned about the tone and tenor of the conversation; especially from those who would characterize themselves as “younger” or “missional.” Let me be clear- this new tone was not evident in ANY of the guys on the Task Force with me but I observed it on other blogs and in various places.

Now, I’m excited that Ed Stetzer, Jimmy Draper, Jerry Rankin and Jeff Iorg

have confirmed to speak at the “Young Leaders Summit II” in Greensboro. I think these are the guys that need to be representing what we believe and desire to occur in our Convention. Now I feel like I can at least be a part of the conversation without lending credence to what I described in an earlier post as “the atmosphere of the blogosphere.”

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