My Family!

Here’s Jim, Jake, Stephanie and Baby #2!

I’m so blessed! I’ve got the best wife in the world, the best kid in the world and the best job in the world. And no, I’m not biased at all. God reminds me very often how good He’s been to me. My family is just one of the many blessings He’s given me.

5 thoughts on “My Family!

  1. it’s okay to be biased. i think you’re even required to be biased when it comes to family.i’ll tell you this – i feel the same way about my family and my life, so if that’s a bias or not i don’t really care.thank God for great wives and great kids.

  2. I think it is great to be biased about family. God always shows me how blessed I am through family! Congrats on baby #2 and tell your beautiful wife I said hello!(This is John S.’s daughter)

  3. I am writing to you and yours to express joy for you being the son, husband, father, uncle, etc. that you are. Stumbled upon your site and couldn’t resist adding my total agreement with a young man who has his priorities correct.Hope you will choose to return soon. This world, nation, city, community, family, etc. needs men like you.Janell

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