The Pressure of Being a Pastor

I’ve been in ministry for around 10 years now, doing various things. I started out at the age of 18 as a Pre-Teen Director at my home church. It was a great experience for me. After that, I was a Youth Pastor for several years through college and seminary and now I’ve been a Pastor/Church Planter for a few years.

I remember serving in different churches in various positions envisioning the day that I would be a pastor. One day, I would be the one leading the church under God’s guidance and direction. One day, I would set the agenda and calendar for the entire congregation. One day, I would be the person that people looked to for thoughts, counsel and advice. I’ve always been excited and enthused about God’s calling on my life and I thoroughly enjoy fulfilling that calling by serving as a pastor.

But one thing I never expected is the pressure that comes from being a pastor. It’s something I never thought about when I served in other ministry positions. I always had good ideas and clever thoughts about what I would do if I were the pastor, but I never imagined the kind of pressure it would place on me to be the one to whom people looked to lead the church.

Many pastors spend most of their ministry fighting to be the guy who makes the decisions for the church. Then, when they get the opportunity, they’re not quite sure what to do!

2 thoughts on “The Pressure of Being a Pastor

  1. Jim,I sure do understand your thoughts and will keep you in my prayers. God has called you out and will be there with you always…”when I am weak, then I am strong” 2 Corinthians 12:10.Marty

  2. Jim,Amen to that. There were often times as a staff person when I approached the pastor with something and wondered why he had to think so much about it.There are so much complexities. God gives us grace upon grace, strength upon strength. I have to remember when I lay my head on the pillow at night that the church is God’s bride, not mine. He loves her more than I ever could and He cares for her more than I ever could. I have watched my dad in one location for 19 years and have seen the burdens.However, most of the time, it is nothing that a good run won’t fixLove you bro.

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