To Thomasville and Back

What an awesome weekend. It was crazy, but definitely fun. Mom and dad picked up Jake at church on Sunday and after that, Patrick, Judd, Stephanie and I headed to Thomasville, GA! Now, Thomasville is way down in South Georgia about 5 hours away. We left Cumming around 1:00 and needed to be in Thomasville by 6:00 for the church service. What a fun ride!

We made it to town by 5:15 or so…just enough time to change clothes, look over my notes, pray, shake some hands, sing some songs and preach the Word. Fun night. The coolest part was that I got to see some of my good friends from Thomasville, including the pastor of FBC and his wife, Dan and Tresa Spencer.

It was a great night and a fun trip. We made it back yesterday by 4:30 or so. There are few things in this world that I will travel a total of nine hours in two days to do. Two of them are: seeing great friends whom I love and respect and having an opportunity to preach! Good times…. 🙂

3 thoughts on “To Thomasville and Back

  1. Thomasville is my home town. I still have a lot of good friends there and at FBC. I’ve heard great things about Dan and what God is doing at the church. That’s cool that you preached there. Were you doing a revival service?

  2. Mike,Hey man, good to hear from you. Dan had four different speakers for the four Sunday evenings in August. It was “Awesome August Nights” in Thomasville. We traveled down after our morning service and made it in time for their evening service. I really enjoyed it. It was a blast.It’s a great church and Dan is a great friend!

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