“Train up a child…” Part 2

Our son absolutely LOVES Wal-Mart. One reason is probably that we frequent Wal-Mart about once or twice an hour (or so it seems). We make it a point to go see the fish almost every time we’re there and he also loves the smiley face stickers that you get from a greeter as soon as you walk in the door.

Yesterday morning on the way to church, Jake found two stickers in his car seat and proceeded to put them on and wear them to church. Super cool for the preacher’s kid! Yesterday we were all sitting in the living room and Stephanie was talking about how much Jake loved Wal-Mart.

She asked, “Jake, are you going to work at Wal-Mart when you get big?”

Jake responded, “No, I’m going to work with daddy…at his office…at Crosspointe.”

Lines like that sure can make a dad proud! It’s also a reminder that our children watch us carefully and we have such a huge responsibility to be a godly, loving example.