Go Dawgs!

I love College Football! There’s really nothing esle in the world quite like it. After the Oregon and Oklahoma losses we should be up to at least 7 in the BCS this week. Great job by Mark Richt and the whole team in salvaging what could have been a really bad season (after losing to South Carolina and Tennessee). I wonder sometimes what the season would be like if we had beaten SC. I’ll give up the TN game because they crushed us! But, that’s the way college football is and that’s the way this season has been.

All of this to say…I’m happy where we are right now. I believe we’re in the driver’s seat and if we just keep winning ball games we’ll find ourselves in a BCS game. SEC Championship or not, a good year. Overall, an excellent season. Room for improvement? Absolutely! And there’s always next year.

One thought on “Go Dawgs!

  1. I absolutely agree wiyh you there needs to be a playoff system for the bcs bowl. But me being a SOONER FAN we need some major help.(lol).

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