For my 30th birthday

Stephanie got me an awesome present for my 30th birthday. (Disclaimer…if you’re my insurance agent please do not read any further!) I’ve been wanting to go skydiving for years and Stephanie always said that I had to wait until our youngest child was 18 years old. Little did I know that she was secretly planning this for a birthday surprise. Here are a couple of pictures for your enjoyment.

Here I am getting ready to board the plane…a bit nervous but VERY EXCITED. By the way, the door (not seen here) was a hard plastic that just slid into place…for easy opening at high speeds.

That’s me (and Terry) after jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. Right now I think we’re traveling toward the ground at about 120 mph. It’s funny…I went faster falling than I’ve ever driven in a car. And that’s saying a lot if you know how I drive! (Notice my cheeks flapping in the 120 mph wind.)

I have a big smile on my face for several reasons. First, I just jumped out of a plane at a height of 14,500 feet. Second, I jumped out of a plane and I’m standing safely on the ground. And third, THAT WAS AWESOME!

By the way…my wife ROCKS!

6 thoughts on “For my 30th birthday

  1. That is just great that you got to do what you wanted before your child was 18 now you will have to think of something better. You will also be happy because of Georgia. Enjoyed you on the Branson trip and we want to know where the picture of you is on your site. Oh yeh, guess Connie did not give you a copy.Larry & Kathy

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