Numero Tres

Well, I thought I would post a picture of our newest addition. Baby number three is on the way in April and we are definitely excited. We had several pictures from our 20-week sonogram but here’s my favorite. I think it’s oddly similar to Edvard Munch’s “The Scream.” See if you can make out the image with his (or her) hands by the head, mouth and eyes wide open. Crazy!

Check this out…

2 thoughts on “Numero Tres

  1. This note is from HeiDee Bieber. That picture is amazing. Isn’t God awesome . . . his hands have carefully crafted your little one and I love the picture of the sonogram. Your comparison is so funny, but it so wonderful to see the expression on your precious little one, even through a sonogram snapshot.We miss your family and love hearing your podcasts! Crosspointe Church is so blessed!Hug Stephanie for me,HeiDee

  2. We sure do miss the Bieber family as well. I hope you guys are doing well. Jake still picks up the phone and pretends to talk to Mr. Jeff, Ms. HeiDee, Kiana, Kayla, Andrew, Adam and Noah. Tell the family we said hello!

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