I’m just saying

I’m not a conspiracy theorist or one of those guys who pushes for a playoff system in College Football. I’m somewhat of a purist when it comes to the bowls, the rules and the “feel” of football at the college level. To me, the game of College Football is the best sport on the planet.

That being said, I am somewhat disappointed in how UGA ended up in the Sugar Bowl. Ranked #4 one week, then the #1 and #2 teams lose and you think you’d be somewhere near the top. Instead, pushed back to #5. All of that to say…believe it or not, I’m okay with this. Sometimes the polls go your way and sometimes they don’t.

Here’s my hope. I hope we play well and beat Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl. They are a GREAT team with a powerful passing attack and a strong offense. And, I hope we do better next year. We’re a young team with some growing to do and I believe we can be a better team next season if we put our minds to it!