“Giant Upset”

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge sports fan; especially football. After church Sunday night I ran (drove really) home to catch the second half of the Super-Bowl. Congrats to the G-Men for pulling off the big upset. Congrats to Eli Manning and the Manning family on this one. No one gave them a chance and they pulled out the win. All in all, this is good for NFL Football. It’s an epic story…undefeated vs. underdog. Either way, what an awesome game…and thankfully no half-time controversy!

Now, all I can hope is that next year my Falcons won’t be such a HUGE underdog in every game they play! I’m glad the Vick era is over and as Falcon’s fans say so often; “there’s always next year!”

2 thoughts on ““Giant Upset”

  1. Loved the game! Hated the Pats. I’m a Cowboys fan, though I live 20 miles from the GA Dome. There has never been a team there. (Sorry Jim)It was good talking with you this week. I hope all is well. Charge on!Wayne Bray

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