Sports Withdrawal

Well, that time of year is here again! It’s now the time between the Super Bowl and March Madness and that means that there are hardly any sporting events on television that I am interested in watching. Don’t get me wrong, college basketball is alright with me but I really can’t get into it until the tournament begins. So, I’m having a bit of a withdrawal when it comes to sports.

I think it should be noted, however, that Stephanie kind of likes these couple of months. No sports on TV for me to watch means that more gets done around the house. We’ve actually accomplished a lot in the past few weeks…and, of course, we still have a few projects left to go. For some reason it ALWAYS seems like there are a few projects left to go!

3 thoughts on “Sports Withdrawal

  1. Hey Bryan,Good to hear from you man. Miss you guys as well but things are great up here. God is blessing in awesome ways. Hope you guys are doing well also.

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