Great Day

I had a great Father’s Day today. We had an incredible worship service this morning; watched a dad baptize his daughter, saw a young man give his life to Christ in the service and had an opportunity to lead a lady to the Lord AFTER the worship service in the foyer during the second Sunday School hour. Man, God is good!

After church I went home and had one of my favorite meals; peanut butter and honey sandwich with my family. Then, played with the boys and baby girl for a little while, took a nap and went out to eat. It was my choice where we ate for supper tonight since it was Father’s Day and I chose to surprise the entire family. We went to McDonald’s…and believe me, this is a huge surprise! The only reason we went there is because it has an indoor playground and the boys love it. Neither Stephanie nor I really enjoy the food. But the boys had a blast and after choking down some supper we enjoyed our time as well.

Came home after supper, invited some neighborhood friends over and jumped in the pool for a little while. The boys are swimming like crazy! Neither can swim without help but Jake does great with swimmies and Judd wears a life-jacket and swimmies and he does fine as well. Both of them will swim to me, jump off the diving board and play all around the pool. All in all, it was a great day.

There is nothing in the world like being a father. It’s a tough job with enormous responsibilities and huge rewards!

6 thoughts on “Great Day

  1. And that is one of the things I’ve always liked about you – your humility. Going to McD! My Dad loves those Pjh sandwiches as well. Thanks for giving me a glimpse this morning! 🙂

  2. Pat,I hope you had a great first Father’s Day. Did Shay set you up with some awesome gifts for dad’s day?Kim,Great to hear from you. Sounds like things are still going well for you in L-ville.Angie,Tell Brad and the fam I said hello. Hope you all had a great day as well.

  3. Jim-I was looking at Larry Grays blog and came across the link to you! I am so happy to read about you and your family. Your family has grown! God bless you.Laura GentryBonaire, GA

  4. Hey Laura,Great to hear from you! I hope you and the family are doing well. Tell all my friends in Bonaire hello for me! :)If you liked reading my blog, I bet you would LOVE reading Stephanie’s. It’s got all sorts of stuff about our family with pictures, stories, etc. Check it out at

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