Staff Get-together

We had a staff get-together at my place the other night and it was a blast! We had a Mexican theme night and everyone brought their own food to share. There was a TON of food. Seriously, I think we could have fed the entire church with all of the food everyone brought.

After supper, we broke out the Wii. I’m extremely tempted to post some pictures and may do so at a later time…possibly even a video. Let’s just say that Melba Dease was awesome playing Wii boxing. That image is forever etched in my brain. What a fun time!

Where I’ve Been

Wow! I know I haven’t posted in a while but there’s a good reason for that. Things have been absolutely crazy since we got back from vacation. You know how it is when you get back from vacation and need a vacation to recover from the first one.

So, since then here’s a little bit of what’s happened since we’ve been back.

1. The Kudlas family, our good friends from GA, came up for a visit the last weekend in July. It was a great time.
2. Jake fell off the bed and almost bit through his lip; very close to needing stitches.
3. I left for Atlanta with our Sr. Adults on July 30th. Stephanie called me in the middle of the night on Thursday and said that Jake woke up with an extremely high fever; so bad he was seeing things flying around his room.
4. Steph took him to the doctor on Friday and he had a severe infection and needed some serious medical attention.
5. I flew home from Anniston, AL to Millington, TN thanks to a very kind act from a friend of a friend in order to get back and take care of my family.
6. We had a GREAT day on Sunday as we celebrated 5 years for Crosspointe and our family’s first year here.
7. I woke up feeling awful on Monday and as of last night (for our Clay Crosse concert) I had no voice at all. Still nothing today.
8. Today, Stephanie and I woke up at 4:15 AM to get the boys ready for their surgery. They both had tubes put in their ears (details here). They’re both doing well but it has been an extremely long day!

So, I hope that is proper justification for my online absence. The funny thing is, that this is only the beginning. It’s going to be a crazy fall!

Great Day

I had a great Father’s Day today. We had an incredible worship service this morning; watched a dad baptize his daughter, saw a young man give his life to Christ in the service and had an opportunity to lead a lady to the Lord AFTER the worship service in the foyer during the second Sunday School hour. Man, God is good!

After church I went home and had one of my favorite meals; peanut butter and honey sandwich with my family. Then, played with the boys and baby girl for a little while, took a nap and went out to eat. It was my choice where we ate for supper tonight since it was Father’s Day and I chose to surprise the entire family. We went to McDonald’s…and believe me, this is a huge surprise! The only reason we went there is because it has an indoor playground and the boys love it. Neither Stephanie nor I really enjoy the food. But the boys had a blast and after choking down some supper we enjoyed our time as well.

Came home after supper, invited some neighborhood friends over and jumped in the pool for a little while. The boys are swimming like crazy! Neither can swim without help but Jake does great with swimmies and Judd wears a life-jacket and swimmies and he does fine as well. Both of them will swim to me, jump off the diving board and play all around the pool. All in all, it was a great day.

There is nothing in the world like being a father. It’s a tough job with enormous responsibilities and huge rewards!


I’d like to take a moment to welcome a great friend of mine to the wonderful world of blogging.

What can I say, Larry Grays is an incredible guy! He’s a pastor/church planter in ATL, a youth speaker, evangelist, a good friend and he mercilessly picks on my wife (which is always fun to watch). And…as you can see from his post, it looks like he’s going to be a dad for the third time.

Welcome to the three-kids club Larry. It takes a bit of training to move from man-to-man defense with the kids to zone defense but I have no doubt you’ll pass with flying colors!