Helping Children to Understand the Gospel

I just finished an incredibly helpful book entitled, Helping Children to Understand the Gospel (published by Children Desiring God). Because children are so impressionable and will easily “repeat a prayer” or “raise their hand,” it is important that we clearly communicate the truth of the gospel in a way that is both simple and accurate.

This book offers ten devotionals that you can go through as a family, with a group of children, or even with parents of small children. Here are the ten topics that accompany the devotions.

1. Truth One: God is the sovereign Creator of all things.
2. Truth Two: God created people for His glory.
3. Truth Three: God is holy and righteous.
4. Truth Four: Man is sinful.
5. Truth Five: God is just and is right to punish sin.
6. Truth Six: God is merciful. He is kind to undeserving sinners.
7. Truth Seven: Jesus is God’s holy and righteous Son.
8. Truth Eight: God put the punishment of sinners on Jesus.
9. Truth Nine: God offers the free gift of salvation to those who repent and believe in Jesus.
10. Truth Ten: Those who trust in Jesus will live to please Him and will receive the promise of eternal life – enjoying God forever in heaven.

As a father of three (soon to be four), I am earnestly praying and passionately seeking the Lord for the salvation of my kids. This devotional tool will help me communicate clearly the truth of the gospel in a real, practical and powerful way. I will soon be teaching these truths during family worship!

I’m Not Watching

It’s no secret that I’m somewhat of a political junky…and for good reason. I have decided, however, that there is no way I’m watching the election returns tonight. I remember staying up late in 1996, 2000 and 2004 hanging on every word and watching every state come in (and in fact, watching state returns in 2002 and 2006 as well). But now, I’ve just decided to wake up in the morning and hear the news.


  1. Well, for one thing, I’ve become fairly disillusioned with the media. Even the good news stations say the same thing over and over and have “breaking/urgent news” every five minutes. Is that really how often something absolutely urgent happens? Maybe so, but it reminds me a lot of the boy who cried wolf. 
  2. Also, I’m not quite sure how this thing will turn out and if I’m going to be depressed or upset, I might as well wait until the morning. 
  3. Finally, I’ve just decided that ultimately, God is in control. It’s not like I’ve decided that so it makes it true, I’ve just chosen to actually live by that philosophy in my life. “The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD; he directs it like a watercourse wherever he pleases.” I believe this and to be honest, that gives me an incredible sense of peace regardless of the outcome of this election.

Are there weighty and important issues at stake? Absolutely! Do I stand in favor of the sanctity of life and the sanctity of marriage? Absolutely. But I also know that there has never been an election in Heaven to replace God and there never will be. So, He’s still on His throne, He’s still in control and He’s got it all covered. Maybe we’ll be surprised, maybe we won’t…but I can guarantee you HE won’t be!

Incredible Book!

I am reading a phenomenal book right now. It’s been on my Amazon Wishlist for sometime and I bought it a few weeks ago. I have been absolutely amazed as I’ve read the story of the Chinese Christian, Brother Yun, in “The Heavenly Man.” I want to encourage you to pick this book up and read it. You’ll be shocked, amazed and encouraged by his powerful testimony. If you’re like me, once you pick it up you’ll have a hard time putting it down.

Hola from Mexico!

This week I am in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, with my good friend, Jeff Crook, and my new friend, Jason Nave. I am having an incredible time here training pastors from all over Mexico.

My time here this week has absolutely reinforced my love for pastors. It’s true, I absolutely love the church and I love those whom God has called to lead His church.

Also, for some reason unknown to me, I have a great affinity for Central America, especially Mexico. It seems that God has given me a special burden for this place and its people. It has also reaffirmed my personal goal of speaking fluent Spanish sometime in the near future. I have spoken about this often but never really acted on it. Now, I’m serious; I would love to be able to speak to others about Christ in their own heart language.

The best part about this trip is not the Pacific Ocean (actually, I’m not much of a beach bum), not my friends who traveled with me, not the pastors or their spouses or this beautiful place. The best part of all of this is that it is all for the glory of God, the advance of the gospel and the building of His Kingdom! There is nothing else I would rather be doing.

Is it time yet?

Man! I am COUNTING THE DAYS until College Football starts; I can’t wait!

Stephanie says she can wait a little while longer because she actually enjoys me being somewhat productive on Saturdays and also football season means that cooler weather is coming. For her, cooler weather is a curse; it means that mommy has to stay inside all day with three small, wild, energetic children.

But, I am pumped about this season. I saw last week where the Dawgs are pre-season #1 in several polls. Awesome! I just hope we end up #1 at the END of the season! Starting well is important, but finishing well is vital. I’m pretty sure there’s a spiritual application here as well. I tell you what, I want to finish well!