Is it time yet?

Man! I am COUNTING THE DAYS until College Football starts; I can’t wait!

Stephanie says she can wait a little while longer because she actually enjoys me being somewhat productive on Saturdays and also football season means that cooler weather is coming. For her, cooler weather is a curse; it means that mommy has to stay inside all day with three small, wild, energetic children.

But, I am pumped about this season. I saw last week where the Dawgs are pre-season #1 in several polls. Awesome! I just hope we end up #1 at the END of the season! Starting well is important, but finishing well is vital. I’m pretty sure there’s a spiritual application here as well. I tell you what, I want to finish well!

3 thoughts on “Is it time yet?

  1. Jim Perdue… now I remember that name from someone I used to know in Cumming, GA…nice guy…Hey Jim, this is John Johnson (used to be in Ohio) Found your blog through Larry Gray’s blog (became friends with Larry on Facebook). Pastoring now in Gainesville, FL (don’t worry, I am NOT a Gator fan)at Northwest Baptist Church ( See that you are in TN now. Let me know how you are, family looks great!!John 377-5076

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