Gone and Back

I was in Lynchburg, VA last week at the innovatechurch conference. It was an awesome time. Rick Warren did an amazing job the first night. It was the first time I have heard him in person and I could sense his passion for the church; very encouraging. Got to hear Church Colson, Tom Mullins, Jim Cymbala and Ed Stetzer as well.

Man, I have always wanted to meet Jim Cymbala and I had the chance to do that this week. His ministry and writings have influenced me greatly in just a few short years. It’s amazing to see what God is doing through him at the Brooklyn Tabernacle in New York City.

It was fun hanging out with Ed again; I forgot how funny he can be! I followed him around a bit on Tuesday and got to spend some time with Jonathan Falwell also. I was really impressed with him, God is doing some great things through him at Thomas Road.

All in all, it was a great trip. But, I’m VERY glad to be back with my family. I missed them way too much when I’m gone. I think I’m figuring out that I could never be a traveling evangelist or a preacher that travels a ton. I just miss my wife and kids way too much!

4 thoughts on “Gone and Back

  1. You’re right. Really would have been. They’re doing it again next year with some really good guys again. I crashed on the couch at Nick and Christian’s place (big thanks to them) this year. Next year a hotel would be nice. 🙂

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