Big Game Tomorrow

I’m looking forward to the SEC Championship Game tomorrow.  Too bad UGA is not in the mix; that would be incredible.  But, I believe it’s going to be a great game between Florida and Alabama.  Florida has been strong for years but I’ve been saying for a while now to watch Bama.  Once they got Saban, I knew they were on the rise.  It’s going to be a battle for sure. When it’s all said and done, I’m pretty sure an SEC team will be in the Championship Game against a Big 12 school.  And, as an SEC loyalist, you know I’ll be pulling for them over the Big 12.  

As I was thinking football my mind was drawn to larger things.  How nice would it be for us to all come together for a common purpose and goal.  Sure, there may be some issues and circumstances where we fall on opposite sides, but in the big game, it’s important to join together against a common foe.  I know I’m probably reading WAY too much into this game and the National Championship showdown, but I’m somewhat inspired when I can root for a team I’ve pulled against just a few weeks ago.  Interesting how football intersects with life and ministry. 

2 thoughts on “Big Game Tomorrow

  1. You might not remember me but i went to your church north cross (adam petrey) and i’m excited for the national championship for now im going for the gators if you remember me if you want to you can check out my blog its a blog about me and my friends starting a band if you wanna see it go to and yes i know i spelled it wrong but it was the only url left lol. Adam Petrey

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