Economics 101

I have determined the reason for the economic downturn.  Believe me, I know the basic principles of economics but this is no issue of supply and demand.  Here it is…

Thanks to a kind friend, Stephanie and I had the chance to venture out into the real world today without any kids in tow.  This doesn’t happen very often.  We were so excited to have a few hours to just hang out; grab some lunch, go to the mall, look at furniture and exchange some clothes.  Big-time stuff for parents of three small kids. 
Now, to the point.  Almost everywhere we went today we received incredibly POOR service.  I don’t mean the “it was fine” service that you expect when people don’t even care to go the extra mile.  I mean the kind of service where people make it clear that serving you in any way is an absolute inconvenience, regardless of the fact they get paid to serve you.  
I have to give Stephanie some credit here, because she’s been saying this for a couple of weeks now (I guess we’ve had a run of some bad service lately), but we think the economy stinks because customer service is so bad!!!  Who wants to buy anything when people are rude and treat you poorly?
Disclaimer: please try to find the humor here.  In no way am I minimizing the global economic downturn but I do believe that a little customer service would go a LONG way. 
Second Disclaimer: the bright spot of customer service today was Chris at Bahama Breeze.  Chris, sorry I don’t know your last name; you did a great job and received a generous tip for your outstanding service. 

3 thoughts on “Economics 101

  1. That is definitely a part of it. You (and Stephanie) have definitely highlighted something important. I think this is why companies such as Circuit City are closing and nobody even wants to buy them up. Because they have had years of taking advantage of customers and people stopped putting up with it.Of course, bad service isn’t enough to kill a company, but in “these” economic times… it’s probably enough to be the straw that breaks the camels back!

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