Thank You

In honor of my favorite holiday, I thought I would take a moment to say “thank you.”  This is a simple thanks to so many who have meant so much to us.

  • Thanks to the people of Crosspointe.  You have loved, encouraged and followed us faithfully during our time with you. “I thank the Lord in all my remembrance of you.”
  • Thanks to the staff of Crosspointe. God has an incredible future in store for Crosspointe and you all are a big reason why.  Continue to allow Christ to build His church the right way.
  • Thanks to the deacons of Crosspointe. You guys are amazing and I love each of you dearly.  It has been a joy to lead you and a pleasure to serve alongside of you.
  • Thanks to the Lord. God has done amazing things at Crosspointe over the past four years and it’s been an honor to lead as I sought to follow the Lord.
  • Thanks to Second Baptist Church.  While we are certainly in the midst of a transition and won’t begin our ministry until 1/1/12, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve as your pastor.  Although I have extensive experience with SBC in the past, I believe that the best days of our church are ahead and I am thankful to the Lord for the opportunity to lead us to that future.
  • Thanks to my family. Glory to God for a wife who loves me and follows the Lord’s leadership in my life. Thank the Lord for four healthy (although very active and energetic) children who have a heart for the things of God.

It would be very easy for this to be a very long post as I consider all of the things I’m grateful for and all of the people I’m grateful to.  But, for today, I’ll leave it at that.  Again, thank you.