Some Thoughts About Fathers Day

In this brief midweek post, I wanted to share some random thoughts about Fathers Day and about dads.

1. Being a parent is the most difficult job in the world

As a father of four small children, I’m learning that being a dad is a tough job!  Everyone is an expert on childrearing until they have children of their own. These little beings called “children” have been entrusted to you and you are completely responsible (under Christ) for their well-being.  Physical. Emotional. Mental. Psychological. Social. And most of all, spiritual!

2. Almost any man can father a child, but it takes a real man to be a dad

I know some men who have no children of their own but they are more of a father then others who have many children.  Being a dad is not about genetics as much as it is about relationships.

3. The presence of a father in the home is vastly important to the development and future of the child

Don’t get me wrong, I love single moms and want to speak value into their lives. It is the church’s responsibility to help in these instances. But statistics show that a father is vital to the development of children. No doubt one of the biggest problems facing our society today is the lack of the presence of the father in the home.

4. If you win the man to Christ, most likely you will win the family to Christ

At my church we are not going to apologize for our effort in trying to reach men.  I read that if you reach the husband and father of the home, the family follows 93% of the time. If you reach the wife and mother, the family follows 17% of the time.

5. We tend to build up moms on Mother’s Day and beat up dads on Father’s Day

This Fathers Day, I want to do three simple things for dads. I want to speak value in their lives. I want to encourage them in biblical virtue. And I want pass along a multigenerational vision for biblical faithfulness.

Honor dads this Sunday on Fathers Day. Love them. Encourage them. Challenge them. Help them. Inspire them. Who knows, it might just change the world!