What Will My New Year Look Like?

I’m an avid blog reader, podcast listener, and Evernote user. I’m always looking for ways to stretch, learn, and grow. And I like to take advantage of that natural times of the year that bring reflection and contemplation – like the New Year.

So, I want to share with you a few things from other sources that have really challenged and encouraged me recently. And I’m not sure I can do everything in each of these other posts, but at least I can do some things. And if I don’t try at all, I’m pretty sure very little of this will happen.

1. I will use technology but not abuse it. If I’m not careful, my iPhone can become a barrier to real communication between me and my family. I don’t want to look at it more than my wife’s face or my children’s eyes. That’s why I greatly appreciate this post by Russ Jones at www.onenewsnow.com. He offers several practical suggestions for dealing with the misuse of technology. Here are a few:

  • Do not check smartphone until after morning devotions.
  • End digital day at 9:00 p.m.
  • Do not check smartphone when having lunch or dinner with a friend, or leave phone in car.
  • Take a digital fast every Sunday.
  • No digital gadgets at meal times.
  • Limit checking e-mails or texts to once an hour.
  • Try not to talk on phone to virtual people when real people are in front of you.
  • Pray daily for God to help you become a good steward of your virtual life.

2. I will be intentional in my personal growth. If I had a word for the year it would probably be “intentional.” I preached a sermon recently on the value of time and the importance of living intentionally. I also wrote a blog post about using a Personal Growth Plan to help direct your steps each year. This growth plan is not original to me, but I’ve used it and I’m very grateful for it. You can download the Personal Growth Plan here.

3. I will make the most of my time in the mornings. I am naturally a morning person. I would rather be up early in the mornings than stay up late at night. But I love Michael Hyatt’s post on “How to Become a Morning Person.” He says, “morning people” tend to:

So, I’ve decided that at least three areas of focus for my new year will revolve around these three things. I’m not big on “resolutions” but I do believe in redeeming the time and making the most of every opportunity. With each new year, I find a new opportunity to reflect on the past, plan for the future, and live intentionally in the moment.