Hey Pastor, Don’t Give Up!

Recently, I wrote a post here entitled, Stop Whining About Being a Pastor. It was my way of encouraging my pastor friends to focus on the blessings of ministry, rather than the burdens. Since I wrote that post I discovered something. Many people who came to my blog were using search terms like this: “want to quit being a pastor,” “tired of being a pastor,” or “give up being a pastor.” So, I want to write to those of you out there who might be thinking of giving up.

Let’s be honest. Ministry can be tough. Sometimes it seems that it can be the most glorious and the most difficult thing you can do. If you ever feel like giving up, I want you to think about three things.  Continue reading

Five Must-Have Tools for the Pastor

Okay, before I begin I need to make an important disclaimer. In this post we’ll be talking a bit about technology. I am not an expert. I repeat, I am not an expert. In fact, with most of this stuff I know just enough to get myself confused.

But let me say this. As a pastor, you need tools to help you accomplish what you’ve been called to do. Being a pastor is a tough job and it can be even tougher if you don’t take advantage of the tools available to you. These days, we are fortunate that technology makes many things possible that simply weren’t years ago. So, here are five must-have tools for the pastor.  Continue reading

In Season and Out of Season

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t believe the pastors who always say everything is great. You’ve seen their tweets, read their blogs, or watched their youtube videos. These are the guys who are always promoting THE MOST INCREDIBLE SUNDAY MORNING EXPERIENCE EVER. IN THE HISTORY OF CREATION. LITERALLY. Do you know the guys I’m talking about? How can next Sunday’s message always be the best ever. How is it possible that this Sunday’s attendance is always double the attendance of the week before…even in the Summer, on Labor Day Weekend, and the week after Christmas?

I came to a conclusion. It has to be one of two things. Either I’m the worst pastor ever (which I understand is totally possible), or these guys aren’t being completely honest. Because I don’t know how every Sunday can always be the best Sunday since Adam and Eve were created. Here’s how I know I’m right. Paul gives some advice to Timothy in 2 Timothy 4:2. He says, “be instant in season, out of season.”

This teaches me a couple of things. First of all, there are “seasons” in ministry. You may have a Sunday that you think is the BEST EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. And then you may have a Sunday where you think it couldn’t get any worse. Don’t freak out. There are seasons to this thing.

It also teaches me that through the ups and downs of ministry, we need to be consistent. That’s what the word “instant” means here – to be ready, prepared, and consistent no matter what. So, here are two thoughts for the “ins and outs” or “ups and downs” of ministry.  Continue reading

Don’t Freak Out, It’s Labor Day Weekend

Dear pastor friend. This is a simple, friendly reminder that it’s Labor Day Weekend. Now, I don’t want to make any assumtpoins. Maybe yesterday at your church you had a record attendance. If so, praise the Lord – you should write a book or something. But maybe, just maybe, you had a bit lower attendance than normal (by “a bit” I mean “a ton”). If that’s you, I’m here with good news. Don’t freak out, it’s Labor Day Weekend.

Now, I realize I’m not bringing you a profound truth here. You already know it’s Labor Day Weekend. But if you’re like me, sometimes even though you know attendance might be down a bit, it still bothers you. So, I just want to encourage to let go of the fear of the demonic “holiday weekend.” Here are two things to remember. Continue reading

Stop Whining About Being a Pastor

Dear pastor friend. I love you. I mean it. I really do. But would you please stop whining about being a pastor? I don’t want to sound rude. Nor do I intend to minimize the stress you’re under. I’m with you. I’m for you. I’m one of you. But please stop whining about being a pastor.

I love pastors. And that’s the main reason I’m writing this post. The dirty little secret is – far too often when pastors get together at conferences or conventions all they do is whine and complain. Here are four encouragements to the pastor who may find himself whining.  Continue reading